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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Our company offers high-quality search engine optimization

Our aim for any business is to help you to reach the optimal of the search results in google search engines by using respective keywords for your business. Each and every search engine has its unique rules and regulation.  However, more than 80% of the users are using google search engine in their search.  We aim to help you in boosting your ranking in Google search engine. If your website is ranked highly in google search engine, it will be so as well in other major search engines. We do that by following prescribed SEO rules for Google search engine algorithms. 

Google search engine

High qualified personnel on the job.

At SmartSelect, our SEO team is certified to perform SEO Service for customers. We follow closely to google search engine algorithms. We do the best practices implementation by using ‘white hat’ to avoid your website from being penalized. We also ensure that your site abides to copyright and trademark laws of content,  use of images and other media sources from others website.  To start, contact our consultants immediately.

SEO Certification

Our SEO processes

SEO Process
Website Analaysis

If you already have a website but is not SEO optimised, we will do an analysis on your website and mark out areas for improvement. If you are new and have no website or want to revamp, click here

Client's Requirement

Client needs are our aim to meet. Hence, we will work closely with you throughout the entire process and implement all your requirements.

Keyword Research

We understand and respect your expertise in your profession.  We will work in close partnership for the keywords required to achieve the desired.  We will further assist for in-depth keyword research according to your industry jargon or niche.

Content subject

One of the most important elements for a website to be SEO optimised will be appropriate website content.

Website Optimisation

For website optimisation after the content is written, we will do a “Mild re-write” of the content for relevance. In this step, our SEO experts will enhance the website contents by adding-in the necessary keywords.

Link Building

We will be working on building Link Analysis, Link to Relevant site and blog according to your market or niche.

SEO Submission

We will submit your website to Google Search Engine to index your website.


We will use google approved tools to generate reports for your website’s performance.

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For us to show you how to improve your business management and capitalise in the digital world.

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For us to show you how to improve your business management and capitalise in the digital world.

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