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Corporate Secretarial Services

In Singapore,  all locally registered companies are required to retain a Corporate Secretary in order to ensure compliance with the Singapore Companies Act.

Our specialised Corporate Secretarial services will permit you to concentrate your effort on the core business of  your organisation.

Our Company Secretarial Services includes:

  • Provision of a Named Secretary for your company
  • Auto Reminder to inform you on your filing due dates
  • Maintaining of Company Register and Minute Books
  • Preparation of EGM/AGM Documents when approching expiry date(s) and the necessary
  • Filing of Annual Return to ACRA when due and the necessary
  • Advisory on Corporate Secretarial compliance matters
  • Preparation of resolutions for Declaration of Dividends/Directors’ Fees
  • Preparation of Directors’ Resolutions on all appointments/resignations/share allotments/share transfer etc..
  • XBRL Highlights (accounts in negative NTA position)
  • XBRL Full (audited accounts with corporate shareholders)
  • Company registration service

Benefits of Engaging Us

1. Ensure Compliance

Failure in meeting the demands stated in the Singapore Companies Act carries serious offences and consequences such as invalidating past contracts made and/or fines and/or imprisonment.

2. Peace of mind

Free from worries about meeting legal requirements and other demands. Our consultants shall assist with your questions and address your concerns to ensure compliance.

3. Proper Management

Our professional shared services have allowed us to set in place proper systems and standards that allow us to render systematic, effective, and efficient service. The risk of misplacing documents on your end will be eliminated as we will be the ones to secure this. Retrieving them will likewise be a breeze because we will also do this for you.

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For us to show you how to improve your business management and capitalise in the digital world.

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For us to show you how to improve your business management and capitalise in the digital world.

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